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Successful breeders and owners are enquiring, deep-thinking people. They question conventional ideas and philosophies and they have an inherent interest in what makes a horse tick. In short, they develop their OWN theories.

Genetic analysis can provide the tools to help them test these theories and even improve upon them. Using our own extensive armoury of tests and databases, together with analyses commonly developed for application to a wide range of different species, we are able to carry out tailored projects for clients and provide them with answers to the questions they have often pondered.

We can assess the genetic relatedness of horses to one another, likely stamina potential and similarities, potential prepotency or lack of it, inbreeding levels etc. All this allows us to solve the most interesting of breeding and racing puzzles which can help to re-organize and restructure breeding and racing policies for the better. 


  • We have used our range of analyses to help a client determine genetic similarities within a group of home-bred mares from prominent families in order to enhance culling decisions. 

 We can even develop new tests and databases for the ultimate exclusive use of the client commissioning a project. 


  • Recently we provided a bespoke genetic test for a specific enzyme variant for the sole use of a single client in helping to determine breeding and racing suitability. 

  • Last year we developed a new database for a client, which examined the theory of ‘nicks’ taking account of mare quality and possible negative effects. 

These examples represent the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of what can be achieved harnessing new genetic technologies. 


We are always keen to discuss the development of new projects and ideas with owners and breeders and to see if we can provide them with a tailored project, which will help them fulfill their racing and breeding objectives. Naturally, client confidentiality is always strictly respected.


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