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CEO's Statement 





Stephen Harrison, BSc, PhD


CEO and founder of Thoroughbred Genetics Ltd



Welcome to Thoroughbred Genetics, where science and racing interact to produce and identify winners.  I started this independent organization in 2000, building upon 20 years in the study of genetics and a life of involvement with thoroughbreds and racing. I obtained my degrees in genetics from The University of Wales and The John Innes Institute. From earliest days at university it became my ambition to discover, develop and deliver genetic analyses for the thoroughbred industry. I consider myself fortunate in that I have been able to link my professional knowledge and fascination with genetics to my family background in horses and racing.  Using proven and published genetic techniques, we achieved our objective to be the first organization in the world to provide DNA performance analysis to the Thoroughbred industry.



  The use of practical genetics and DNA analyses in thoroughbred breeding and racing is highly relevant. Our experienced and scientifically qualified staff is continually working towards the development of new genetic tests and data analyses. These assessments will continue to break new ground by bringing a novel, complementary approach to the understanding and planning of breeding, purchasing, training and racing strategies.



Industry figures indicate that there are around 700,000 thoroughbred racehorses existing globally at any one time and up to $25bn is spent annually on purchases, breeding, training and peripheral areas. The vast majority of horses fall well short of their owners’ and trainers’ hopes. The comparatively limited expenditure spent on DNA analyses, which significantly increases accuracy, represents a sound investment.  In order to reduce failure rates and increase competitiveness, bold new initiatives are necessary to break the deadlock imposed by solely conventional approaches. 



Contributing to the senior management of Thoroughbred Genetics is an expert and loyal team of professionals, working in our laboratory and promoting the business internationally:


Juan Turrion-Gomez BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Consultant 


Ann Miller 

Marketing Director



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