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Thoroughbred Genetics offers a wide range of DNA-based analyses, databases and reports to suit different objectives. Our services are based on direct DNA assessments of horses and/or database-derived information and are applicable internationally. The services have universal appeal to: racehorse breeders, owners and trainers; bloodstock agents; ‘pin-hookers’; racing data processing organizations. We have single horse assessments but also provide larger scale products.  

We realise that clients will want to discuss their requirements and for this reason, we do not have a standard sample submission form or order form. We ask that prospective clients contact us directly so that we may tailor our service to suit their needs.



With regard to breeding and racing, prices need to be realistic in the current economic environment. Our most detailed assessments including multiple DNA analyses with report and back-up are capped at a highly competitive GBP380 per animal.


EQProfile – Universal equine genetic profiling 

We provide a series of DNA tests and genetic data that we combine in one package. These help to co-ordinate or identify genetic combinations in a horse that contribute to common speed, stamina and precocity objectives. That is, they help to produce or select horses that are more of a complete, targeted and uniform ‘package’ and reduce uncertainty and genetic variability.  These assessments include:

·          Assessment of respiratory/energy release genes: These genes are part of three respiratory energy-release complexes. Strong stamina and speed correlations exist with the varying combinations carried by different horses.

·          Determination of heterozygosity and homozygosity: Inbreeding is the best way of fixing consistent useful genetic characteristics but only if you can avoid duplication of the less desirable ones. Using DNA markers we have been able to determine that there is an optimum amount of gene duplication that occurs in the best performers. We believe that inbreeding is beneficial but only when applied under the right circumstances. Through use of DNA assessment we can obtain a clearer picture of how close this can be carried out and whether it should be avoided or increased.

·          Relatedness/Cluster analysis: Using a large number of non-specific DNA markers we can graphically cluster horses into stamina and speed groups with known animals in our database. This gives us a better idea of the way in which they should be mated (to reinforce or adapt their stamina leanings) or raced and the stamina potential of the progeny they might produce.

There are 3 products based on the EQProfile for which there are individual set fees and to which discounts apply for multiple orders:

  • EQProfile Mare

Application of the above tests and databases give us useful indications of which stallions are better used with specific mares and also of the likely effect on the stamina of the progeny. This product includes: application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a list of appropriate stallions and associated scores; a report explaining the findings; concluding advice. 

… Fee: £480 GBP

  • EQ Profile Sire

Our tests and databases also provide pointers as to the types of mares that will support specific stallions to greater effect. This product includes: application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a breakdown of the preferred types of mare; a report explaining the findings; concluding advice.

… Fee: £480 GBP

  • EQ Profile Horse

The assessments described above can also be used to help determine the racing suitability of horses in training or young stock. We can gain an insight into their potential speed, stamina and best racing distance and advise owners, breeders and sales people accordingly. This product includes: application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a report explaining the findings; relevant advice, as requested.

… Fee: £480 GBP



Our research into the DNA status of thousands of horses has generated huge amounts of data and allowed us unique insights into the genetic structure of the Thoroughbred population. This has enabled us to make observations about how important performance genes are transmitted and to identify prominent genetic patterns relating to performance within the population. Consequently, we have a wealth of data that can be applied to improve selection and identification of horses without the need to employ DNA assessments. This may not be as encompassing as when DNA analysis is also used but has beneficial application in areas where it may not be possible to apply DNA analysis, for instance at the sales or in situations where mass racing form or performance data are required. 


  • EQdata – Genetic database information for individual horses

Using similar database information relating to inbreeding, respiratory genes and patterns of genetic complementation as those employed in the EQProfile analyses (excluding DNA tests), we can provide advice on breeding and racing suitability of horses at the sales and on the racecourse. A database assessment of a single horse or group of horses is provided in the form of a score and explanatory table.

                                                                                                                               Fee: £95 GBP

  • Bulk data – Provision of existing or newly generated information

We provide non-confidential genetic data to ancillary racing businesses, for instance racing form and data processing organizations, for inclusion into their databases. We can supply existing data or we can tailor new datasets to suit. Because requirements and volumes vary, we are not able to provide a standard fee but request that interested parties contact us directly.

Fee: Private  



There are many instances where owners and breeders have a requirement for a combination of the above services and analyses. They may need application throughout the year in relation to breeding, sales and racing animals. In actuality, they have an ongoing requirement for our services. For these organizations we provide fixed annual contracts that utilize all our genetic tools when needed. These include:

·         DNA analyses applied to all horses  

·         Sales applications  

·         Racing applications  

·         Priority access to new data and prototype tests 

·         Priority at busy times of the year  

·         General close liaison with their staff and pedigree advisors  

·         Provision of genetics advice as needed


In essence, we provide them with their own private laboratory and data source. We are also able to view our clients’ horses. All clients vary in their needs and we can tailor a contract accordingly. In all instances, we maintain strict client confidentiality.

  Fee: Private     



Successful breeders and owners often have their own theories about what makes a successful racehorse. Using our own armoury of tests and databases together with broader genetic analyses we can help them to develop these theories and use the derived data to improve their racing and breeding results. We can even develop new tests for the ultimate exclusive use of a client. In short, we can provide private and tailored projects to order. 

                                                                                                                                  … Fee: Private



The tools detailed above also have application to the optimization of stallion breeding programs. Through applications of these systems to DNA and data from a stallion, we can help to prioritise nominations and visiting mares. This service is flexible and can be provided either in the form of a single recommendation or as an ongoing mare ‘screening’ program.  

                                                                                                                                  … Fee: Private


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