These selected and archived news pieces help to tell the story of Thoroughbred Genetics from its inception in 2000; taking us through March 2006, when we published the first peer-reviewed scientific paper linking specific ‘speed’ and ‘performance’ genes to aspects of racing performance; to the present where we continue to work for some of the most successful thoroughbred breeders across the world - in Europe, USA, Australasia, Japan and the UAE.  


Thoroughbred Owner Breeder (Incorporating Pacemaker).

August, 2018                                                

Interesting and infomative article on innovative collaborating organisation Chasemore Farm Part 1 / Part 2 / Part3


Tattersalls - The October Yearlings Sales 2015 - 250th Anniversary Magazine.

October 2016                                                

Good-looking Genes

As science writer David Derbyshire discovers, shrewd bloodstock insdiers are keeping a close eye on the latest developments in genetic and DNA research (Link)


International Thoroughbred Breeder.

December 2015                                                

Breeding by DNA

Dr. Stephen Harrison explains how genetic technology can be used practically to give breeders advice on their mating plans. (Link)



September 13, 2014                                                

Cluster storms home to win Theo Marks Stakes at Rosehill

Congratulations to trainer Peter Snowden and owners Mr. and Mrs. P.G. Moran on Cluster's excellent win in the 1400m Group 2 Theo Marks Stakes at Rosehill Gardens. Cluster was the result of a highly rated mating chosen using our DNA based selection tests and carried out by Tarcoola Stud. He was sold in utero when his dam, Tarcoola Diamond, was bought by the Morans at the 2010 Inglis Easter Sale.

(Cluster storms home to win Theo Marks Stakes.........)

Click on the video link below to watch Cluster win the Theo Marks Stakes G2 in classic style....


The Observer Tech Monthly - The Guardian 

June 22, 2014                                                

How genetics can create the next superstar racehorse

By David Derbyshire. Breeding winners used to be down to good bloodstock. Today, you can improve your odds by choosing between genes for speed and stamina. 

(Excerpt from the Observer article and link to The Guardian online article.........)

November 16, 2013                                                 

More success for the Tarcoola Stud breeding programme 

Congratutaltions to Ken Williams and Tarcoola Stud who bred Costa Viva (2010 Encosta de Lago ex Vivacious Spirit - Bel Esprit) winner of the $300,000 NZ 1,000 Guineas at Riccarton Park. We have been privileged to assist Ken in his highly successful breeding programme over the years. With five of the last six winners of the New Zealand Bloodstock 1000 Guineas also going on to secure the final NZB Filly of the Year Series crown, Costa Viva’s win puts her in prime position to become Te Akau Racing’s fifth Filly of the Year Series winner in the past decade.

Costa Viva

 (Link to ThoroughbredNEWS article...)


The Age (Melbourne)

April 23, 2011                                                 

An interesting Thoroughbred Genetics success in Australia 

It is not our policy to publicize success stories for marketing purposes. However, the interesting report of one multiple Group 1 performing millionaire mare has already attracted media attention in Australia.   (Link to The Age article...)

Click on the video link below to watch Sacred Choice win the Myer Classic G1


Australian Breeding & Racing Magazine

March 2010                                                 

Playing God  

By Dr. Steve Harrison, Director of Thoroughbred Genetics Ltd., U.K. reveals some of the revolutionary ‘selection-enhancing’ technologies now available to the modern breeder.  (Link and download for the article on Thoroughbred genetic testing...)


Thoroughbred  Genetics Ltd. 

January 22, 2010                                                                                     

UK based genetics company pioneers 'speed gene' combination in racehorses  

Thoroughbred Genetics Ltd is a UK-based company celebrating, in 2010, its 10th anniversary as the first company in the world to develop and provide DNA-based, genetic tests for racehorse performance.  

(Link and download for the information on speed gene testing...)


Australian Bloodhorse Review

September, 2006    

Link between specific genes and racing performance

In April, 2006 Dr.Stephen Harrison and Dr. Juan Luis Turrion-Gomez of the University of Salamanca published a pier-reviewed scientific paper in the international journal Mitochondrion, which shows, for the first time, an association between specific genes and racing performance. (Link and download for the article on genes and performance...)


Thoroughbred Times

August, 2006 

Scientist links mtDNA, racing ability

By Pete Denk. A British scientist studying mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) believes he has made a historic breakthrough that could unlock secrets racehorse breeders have wondered about for 300 years. What makes one horse peak as a two-year-old while others get better with age? (Download article on mitochondrial genes and racing...)



June, 2006  

The foundations of stamina

In April, 2006 a paper was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Mitochondrion, entitled 'Mitochondrial DNA: An important contribution to thoroughbred racehorse performance'. Dr. Steve Harrison of Thoroughbred Genetics Ltd. and Dr. Juan Luis Turrion-Gomez of the University of Salamanca describe the research, its findings and the relevance to practical thoroughbred breeding and racing. (Link and download for Thoroughbred stamina and genes...)


ITV News - Meridian Tonight

April, 2006 

Speed gene reports for the Thoroughbred racehorse   

ITV news report on Thoroughbred Genetics original discovery.


Click on the photo below to view footage.  


April 3, 2006 

Geneticists identify speed gene combination   

By Mark Popham.  The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Mitochondrion, found that individual breeding lines possess variant combinations of these performance-related genes, with each combination giving a horse a different racing aptitude.  

(Link to information about speed gene combinations...)



April, 2006

Mitochondrial DNA: An important female contribution to thoroughbred racehorse performance 

Stephen Paul Harrison  & Juan Luis Turrion-Gomez  

The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) molecule, carrying genes encoding for respiratory chain enzymes, is a primary candidate for demonstrating associations between genotype and athletic performance in mammalian species. In humans, variation at seven protein encoding mitochondrial loci has been implicated in influencing fitness and performance characteristics. Although thoroughbred horses are selected for racing ability, there have not been any previous reported associations between genotypes and racecourse performance. The multi-factorial nature of the inheritance of racing ability is an obvious complicating factor. However, mitochondrial gene variation may represent a measurable component contributing to performance variability. Previous population studies of thoroughbreds have shown the existence of D-loop variation. Importantly, we have observed that there is also independent and extensive functional mitochondrial gene variation in the current thoroughbred racehorse population and that significant associations exist between mtDNA haplotype, as defined by functional genes, and aspects of racing performance. (Download the paper on mitochondrial genes and racing...)


El Pais

March 27, 2006

Los genes de la velocidad (The Speed Genes)

Carlos Arribas – Madrid.  Juan Luis Turrión, un investigador de Salamanca, colabora en una tecnología que revolucionará la cría de caballos de carreras. Si las células de un organismo vivo son coches, las mitocondrias son sus motores, unos motores regulados, controlados, dirigidos, por un ordenador de a bordo en cuyo disco duro y divididos, organizados en carpetas, se encuentran los genes, que varían entre un coche y otro. (Download pdf on the speed genes...)


The Guardian

March 21, 2006

Scientist finds the speed genes 

By Greg Wood. DNA analysis can take the guesswork out of the ancient art of producing a champion, says geneticist. 

(Link to more information on Thoroughbred performance genes...)



March 24, 2006

Geneticists identify ‘speed gene’ combinations in racehorses  

Geneticists have published ground-breaking research which could have enormous implications for the way in which thoroughbred racehorses are bred, trained and raced.  (More information and link to the 'speed gene' and the Thoroughbred...)


Hub Magazine

August, 2004

Only foals and horses  

By Pete Taylor. The Thoroughbred Genetics Company helps racehorse breeders match the right mare with the right stallion.  Pete Taylor meets Dr. Steve Harrison.  (Download the article about Thoroughbred Genetics...)



July, 2003

A question of speed and stamina

Dr. Steve Harrison of The Thoroughbred Genetics Company explains why better results will be obtained by building on known aptitudes rather than trying to modify them with totally dissimilar genes.  (More information about speed and stamina genes in the Thoroughbred and download...)



May, 2003

Solving the breeding puzzle

Dr. Steve Harrison of The Thoroughbred Genetics Company explains what makes a successful Thoroughbred. 

(More information about Thoroughbred  genetics and download...)


The Sportsman (Australia)

January 10, 2003

Latest DNA test hailed - Boost for breeders

By Paul Micallef. For the first time in Australia a simple genetic test to determine genetic compatibility of propose matings based on DNA analysis is being offered to breeders.  (Download article about Thoroughbred DNA tests...)


Racing Post

November 18, 2003

New tests on market to aid breeders with mating plans

By Rachel Pagones.  (Download article about Thoroughbred genetic tests...)


Racing Review

May, 2002

Breeding, gene dynamics and DNA

Dr. Steve Harrison of The Thoroughbred Genetics Company.   (More information about racehorse genes and download...)


The Wall Street Journal

April 12, 2002

DNA Pinpointing the racing gene?

By Mark Long.  Company markets a DNA test for Thoroughbred Breeding  (Download article about Thoroughbred gene tests...)


The Guardian

February 7, 2002

The man to see about a horse

Greg Wood meets the founder of Thoroughbred Genetics Ltd.  (More information about Thoroughbred Genetics and download...)


The Sunday Times

December 16, 2001

DNA mating test

By Michael Clower   (Download article about Thoroughbred genetic testing...)


Racing Post

December 7, 2001

Genetics website aiming to assist breeding decisions

By Tony Smurthwaite.   (Download article about Thoroughbred DNA tests...)


Canadian Thoroughbred

November, 2001

DNA analysis designed to give racehorses a competitive edge

The Thoroughbred Genetics Company is leading the international field in genetic husbandry for racehorses.   

(Download article about Thoroughbred genetic research...)


Daily Express

October 4, 2001

DNA winner makes for racing certainty

By Maisha Frost.  Applying the latest advances in genetics to the big-money business of horse racing has made an enterprise an outright commercial winner.  (Download article about Thoroughbred Genetics ...)


Racing Review

March, 2001

The science of selection

Susan McBane interviews Dr. Stephen Harrison of The Thoroughbred Genetics Company.   (Download article about racehorse genetics...)


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